Why you should ditch chemical dyes for a henna hair salon

Henna. The word brings to mind the intricate designs of dark brown tattoos beautifully adorning hands and arms at Indian festivals.

However, did you know that this henna can be used for dyeing hair too?

In fact, when you dye your hair at a henna hair salon, you are actually caring (not damaging!) for your hair, giving it a luscious shine and bounce that you cannot achieve with chemical hair dyes.

How can that be?

Let’s look at what henna actually is.

  • Henna is made from a plant called the Lawsonia Inermis, and grows in hot and dry climates. Its leaves are harvested, dried and ground into fine powder which is made into a paste for dyeing skin, hair and fabrics.
  • Although it is traditionally red, it can be mixed with other natural products to create other colours. Henna hair salons usually offer red, brown, black, burgundy and clear options to suit customer preferences.

Any henna hair salon can tell you the myriad of benefits associated with henna. These include:

  • Healthier hair – the dye seals oil into your hair and closes off the cuticle, resulting in shinier and stronger hair. It combats frizz and treats damaged hair, preventing breakage and even dandruff. This will be particularly beneficial in protecting the hair from sun damage, providing visibly fuller hair.

Consider these benefits compared to conventional hair products. Hair dyes are laden with allergenic preservatives and parabens that irritate and change the biological composition of the hair, essentially damaging the strands so that it becomes thin, dry and lackluster.

  • Suitable for all hair types – especially because it is an enriching treatment for the hair, the dye can be applied to people with fine hair who are anxious about further damage with chemical dyes. Additionally, henna hair salons offer a variety of natural hues which are suitable for all hair colours.
  • Environmental footprint – especially with the health movement sweeping the globe, people are becoming more conscious about the products they are buying and using. Henna is a vegan hair product that is environmentally friendly, making it a substantially more green choice than hair dyes laden with chemicals.
  • Wallet friendly – due to the lack of chemicals used in the product, henna hair dye is substantially cheaper than colouring one’s hair chemically. At a salon, you can easily waste hundreds of dollars dyeing your hair, whereas henna hair salons can offer a much cheaper solution. In addition, due to the deeply conditioning effects of henna, you can save money spent otherwise on anti-frizz or moisturising serum treatments. Even when done at a henna hair salon, consider this one-off cost compared to the continuous costs of expensive hair products over the long term.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that due to its effective dyeing abilities, the dye creates a big (and permanent) mess! During application, dripping dye can easily stain white bathtubs and counters with its prominent dark green to black colour. Furthermore, hands can become stained for several days after applying the hair dye.

The solution? Go to a henna hair salon. Although pricier than a DIY style, the no mess option and professional expertise will successfully dye your hair to the desired colour.

Hair is such a striking feature of a person’s appearance that it must be treated and cared for as much as the rest of your body. Changing your hair colour is a quick and easy way to alter your image and boost self-confidence – and with henna hair salons, you can achieve this affordably and with the ease of mind that your hair will be looked after.

So, unless you want to dye your hair an exotic colour unachievable using henna, it’s time to visit a henna hair salon.