How to find the best paella catering

When you need a caterer for a big event it is extremely important that research and interviews go into your preparation. The catering is certainly something that can make or break the event. Paella catering is no different and maybe even more important as it is predominantly one dish that is providing the food for everyone.

Knowing your caterer before the event is important and understanding their needs and wants will help your event to run smoothly. Of course, there are so many things that need to fit in with your plans so here is a list of things to consider when choosing your next business for paella catering.


A caterer’s initial responsiveness will give a clear indication as to how they will perform throughout the duration of the contract. You want to find a caterer who is willing to ask questions to meet your needs and seeks to understand exactly what you need for the upcoming event. Paella catering is extra important as there are limited food options and you need to main dish to stand out. This means that the caterer must be willing to adapt and adjust their service to fit your specific event.

Ability to cater for your event

Paella catering businesses will be designed to handle specific events. Not all businesses will be able to handle all events. Some paella catering companies will be better suited to a more boutique and intimate event whereas others might be better suited to large scale, corporate events. Know the type of events that a given caterer specialises in and ask them if they will be able to handle yours.

Providing tastings

You won’t know what the food tastes like unless you sample it and you will have no idea how to choose between various dishes with trying them. You want to have a solid standard of food at your event so tasting it beforehand is a great way to make sure of it. Don’t shy away thinking that it will be a hassle for a paella catering company to do a sample tasting, it is important that you get the right food and it is presented well. If it is appropriate, feel free to ask for wine pairings as well. Make sure that you are prepared to pay a small fee for the tasting.

A clearly defined contract

You need to know exactly what you are getting with your paella catering service. Make sure that in the contract it is clearly defined what food is going to be served, how many people it is for, the beverage service guidelines and any additional features. It is also important to know what comes standard in a given contract and will is considered to be an addition. Every stage of the service should be outlined in the contract from set up to clean up and the number of staff that are going to be required.

There should also be a cancellation plan included within the contract so that you and the caterer are able to handle any unforeseen cancellations with dignity. Know how far in advance they are required to cancel and what the process that follows is. Do you get your deposit back? Will they refer you to and help you to find another caterer in time?

Ask other people

Before you engage in the contract you should try and ask for references from people you trust about the best paella catering companies in your area. This will provide you will some solid guidance as to the performance of a given service. It is unlikely that you will be able to get any of the negatives of a paella catering service by talking to them or searching for reviews. Talking face to face with someone you trust will give you an honest idea about the quality of various paella catering companies.